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I live in a quiet, historic town where the only exciting things to happen occur in books. Most days, you can find me with a cup of tea in one hand, hunched over my laptop as I write, read, or research.

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Proud of the Early Books

I finished my first book thirteen years ago, at age 14. I still remember how proud I was to actually finish something, rather than start for a few chapters but bail before page 50. It was an incredible accomplishment, even if as books go, mine had severe flaws.

That’s what… Continue reading

Bookstagram photos!

I’ve been on Instagram for a while, posting pictures of my dog and my photography and the events I attend. This month, I’m exploring more book-type posts and absolutely loving the experience. I love practicing photography, mainly of nature and architecture, but I found myself stretching a few creative muscles… Continue reading

What’s in a Name?

TW: Mention of domestic abuse

As a new member of the SCA, with whom I’ve been learning swordplay for the past year, I get to turn my attention to choosing a persona. If I thought choosing an era was tough — I eventually settled on Mongolian, because of the… Continue reading

The Importance of Making Time to Read

It’s so easy to let life get away from you and fall back on the excuse of “I don’t have time.” I know. I’ve struggled with this very thing this year.

Last year, I read 69 books. This year, at the time of writing this post, I’ve read 1. (I… Continue reading

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