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I live in a quiet, historic town where the only exciting things to happen occur in books. Most days, you can find me with a cup of tea in one hand, hunched over my laptop as I write, read, or research.

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The best of friends have something in common. If horse-mad Rose Wellesley, scientific-minded Francine Annesley, and outspoken Mary Babington-Smith have anything in common, it’s their unwavering determination not to let men rule their lives. The only people who have a say in what they do with their lives is themselves.

Not that they won’t occasionally lose their hearts…


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Rose Wellesley

The third of four daughters in the Wellesley household, Rose knows everything there is to know about seducing a man’s affections. If only she could be so easily seduced. She falls in and out of love as quickly as the ocean tides as she tirelessly seeks a deep love that will last a lifetime.

Unfortunately, her time to search for Lord Right is cut short. If she doesn’t settle on a man by the end of Lady Dunlop’s famous Week of Love house party, her father will choose her husband for her. And given his loveless marriage, she doesn’t trust him to make the right choice.

howtoplaythegameoflove_1600Look for Rose’s adventure with love in How to Play the Game of Love (Ladies of Passion, Book 1). Available now!

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Francine Annesley

The only child of Baron and Baroness Valentia — an arranged marriage-turned-love match — Francine has a dowry hefty enough to ensnare the interest of any man, even the lord her father has his heart set on. If only she felt any inclination to pursue love or marriage.

Only Francine’s friends can tear her away from her study of plants: Rose, Mary, her maid Pauline, or her childhood friend Julian Beckwith. Neither time or distance can weaken the bond Francine and Julian share — which comes in handy when he arrives in London on the same night her father issues an ultimatum. If she doesn’t marry by the end of the 1814 London Season, ten short days away, he’ll send her to a convent.

Embed yourself in the mishaps Francine cultivates while securing her future happiness in How to Ruin Your Reputation in 10 Days (Ladies of Passion, Book 2). Available now!

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Mary Babington-Smith

On her deathbed, Mary’s mother begged Mary not to wed a man who didn’t respect and love her for who she is. Mary took that wish to heart, swearing off any man who doesn’t view women as equals. Unfortunately, that number includes almost every man in le bon ton. Now a champion of women’s rights, an advocate for equality across all classes, and a collector of stray animals, Mary fearlessly puts herself in harm’s way every day. Cutting words or even physical violence don’t frighten her as much as the concept of losing her heart.

Mary would do anything to help her friends, even her godmother’s arrogant nephew. A fake engagement gives her the perfect distraction when she excuse to decide if her not-so-husband-to-be is guilty of the same crimes as so many of his peers.

Can Mary manage to act like a besotted, love-struck lady for two weeks? If she can, she’ll have everything she needs to make her aspirations into a reality. Learn more in Ladies of Passion, Book 3.