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My Top 3 Binge-Worthy Geeky Book Series

I am a total geek. Cosplay, D&D, you name it. Geeky, socially awkward characters resonate with me. They’re often hard to find, but when I find a book series that hits all my buttons, I like to shut out the world and read book after book after book. Since the weekend is coming up, I thought I’d share my Top 3 geeky series! Trust me, you can’t go wrong cuddling up next to one of these books.


One: The Lexi Carmichael Mystery Series by Julie Moffett

This series has long been my favourite ever. Lexi is a socially-awkward computer geek who gets roped into solving crime. Add in her reclusive millionaire best friends (the Zimmerman twins), her Irish lawyer boss (Finn), her cheeky, confident best friend (Basia), and of course mysterious secret agent Slash (so sexy) and you’ve got books worth binge-reading. They’re action-packed, they’re funny, and there is a romantic subplot but it’s not the focus of the stories.


Two: The Gamers Series by Megan Erickson

This down-and-dirty romance series had me hooked from book one. Hooked so bad, in fact, that I read the last three books in two days. I couldn’t get enough. Can you blame me? Hot executive geeks, one with a tortured past, an opposites-attract romance, honestly the only thing I’m disappointed about is that there are only 4 books in this series. I can read funny, geeky books like these all day, every day.


Three: The Geek Girl Mysteries by Julie Anne Lindsey

The title says it all. Another computer geek, who is also into Renaissance fairs. Fantastic mysteries that kept me turning the pages and a romantic subplot that I loved. This is another ensemble cast where the supporting characters (i.e. the heroine’s family) are just as fun to read about as the main characters. I especially loved Mia’s twin sister, Bree, and her best friend, Nate.


Those are my top geeky series, but I’m hot on the trail hoping to find another gem that I can’t get enough of. It is out there!

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