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I live in a quiet, historic town where the only exciting things to happen occur in books. Most days, you can find me with a cup of tea in one hand, hunched over my laptop as I write, read, or research.

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By 1806, Britain is enmeshed in a gruesome, disheartening war with the tyrant Napoleon Bonaparte. Every able-bodied man is begged to do his duty, even the young Duke of Tenwick. The Scandals and Spies series follows the Graylocke family and their friends as, one by one, they are pulled into the war to spy for Britain—and lose their hearts in the process.

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Tristan Graylocke and Frederica Vale

kissingtheenemycoverTristan Graylocke: competitive, rakish, protective, and always second best—until he meets Freddie.

Frederica Vale: bookish, clumsy, pigheaded, and puts her family first—until she meets Tristan.

Take a look at this blog post for Tristan’s views about Freddie.

Or this one for Freddie’s views about Tristan! Methinks the lady doth protest too much, don’t you?

Learn more about Tristan and Freddie’s tale in Kissing the Enemy!

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Morgan Graylocke and Philomena St. Gobain

Book 2 Deceiving the DukeMorgan Graylocke: commanding, loyal, dependable, and not impulsive—until he meets Phil.

Philomena St. Gobain: eccentric, brilliant, absent-minded, and determined to rely on no one but herself—until she meets Morgan.

Take a look at this blog post for Morgan’s views about Phil.

Don’t worry, Phil sets him straight in this blog post!

Will the stoic Duke of Tenwick and the eccentric Miss St. Gobain learn that opposites attract? Find out in Deceiving the Duke.

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Gideon Graylocke and Felicia Albright

book-3-tempting-the-rivalGideon Graylocke: plant-mad, intelligent, shy, and a recluse—until a threat against Britain pulls him out of the orangery and onto the front lines.

Felicia Albright: stubborn, argumentative, arrogant—no, wait, that’s still Gideon! How can she be expected to work with such a bullheaded man, even for the good of the nation?

Meet Gideon in this blog post – and hear from the woman he so complains about in this one!

Will these two rivals settle their differences and learn to work together? Find out in Tempting the Rival.

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Edgar “Catt” Catterson and Joy “Rocky” Rockwood

Catt: suave, smart, driven, and always at odds with his best friend’s other best friend, Rocky—until a threat to Britain forces them to work together.

Rocky: sharp-tongued, sassy, independent, and determined to prove she is as good at botany as any man—including Catt.

Will Catt and Rocky tear each other to pieces, or will they find a way to compromise in order to unearth the enemy? Find out in Charming the Spy.

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Lucy Graylocke and Alexander Douglass

Lucy Graylocke: curious, loving, fearless, and determined to experience everything so she can write about it in her books—especially when she discovers that she is the only person who can identify a deadly traitor.

Alexander Douglass: driven, jaded, mysterious, and determined to ensure that a traitor to the Crown doesn’t add to the list of casualties—especially when Lucy puts herself in the traitor’s path.

Will the pair be able to work together to catch a notorious criminal? Find out in Pursuing the Traitor.

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Charlotte Vale and Anthony Graylocke

Charlotte Vale: artistic, self-sacrificing, beautiful, and family-oriented—especially when she discovers that the father she thought long dead is alive, and in enemy territory.

Anthony Graylocke: restless, fierce, a daredevil, and proud to serve in the navy as the only member of his family to fight in the war—or so he thinks, until he learns that his entire family are spies.

Will the two of them be able to stop a dangerous secret in time to save the Graylocke family? Find out in Captivating the Captain.

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