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I live in a quiet, historic town where the only exciting things to happen occur in books. Most days, you can find me with a cup of tea in one hand, hunched over my laptop as I write, read, or research.

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Alice in Newcastle Victorian Mysteries

As of November 2017, this is a new series I have in the works! Consider this page under construction, more will be added as I go. In the meantime, get special sneak peeks into the making of the series through WIP Watch.

What are the Alice in Newcastle Mysteries?

A fun cozy mystery series taking place in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in 1839! Here is a bit more about book one:

Alice Anne Walker is more comfortable with the dead than she is with the living. As the assistant to a professor at the Newcastle-Upon-Tyne School of Medicine and Surgery, she spends the bulk of her time with cadavers as she prepares them for anatomy instruction. When she finds a waxed message inside the throat of the latest body to be donated to the school, she knows something is not right. If the message is to be believed, the corpse on her table was murdered.

As a woman in 1839, she is looked down upon simply for holding her position at the school. When the authorities discount her tale, Alice is forced to investigate the matter herself—but she isn’t alone. Thomas Brooks, a city watchman, believes her when no one else does and he’s willing to put his career on the line to help her bring a killer to justice.

But more is on the line than exposing a murderer. The deeper Alice digs into the investigation, the more layers of her past are exposed. Alice hasn’t always been the respectable woman she now plays at the school—and if she isn’t careful, her darkest secrets will come to light.

*Temporary cover created by designer Timothy O’Donnell. Official cover for publication is forthcoming.