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I live in a quiet, historic town where the only exciting things to happen occur in books. Most days, you can find me with a cup of tea in one hand, hunched over my laptop as I write, read, or research.

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Lady Katherine Regency Mysteries

A laugh-out-loud funny peek into le bon ton of Regency England. As an earl’s daughter, Lady Katherine is expected to make a good match. However, marriage isn’t in her future, for she aspires to be a detective! A member of an underground detective society, Katherine uses her matchmaking business as a cover while she embarks on harebrained schemes to catch dangerous criminals. With the help of a socially awkward Bow Street Runner, a pug with a penchant for stealing what isn’t hers, and a wry maid who knows more than she lets on, Katherine is determined to solve the toughest crimes of the early 19th century. If she succeeds, she’ll earn her independence — but if she fails, she’ll have to become a matchmaker full time.


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Meet the cast

Lady Katherine Irvine

The daughter of an earl who spends the bulk of his time consulting on investigations for the government or private clients, Katherine grew up learning how to solve crime. At twenty-five, she’s more concerned with striking out on her own investigations than she is in romance. However, in order to gain access to the crime scenes without raising suspicions, she’ll have to make a token effort to arranges matches for the clients who continually seek her services. She had a soft spot for wallflowers and sometimes can’t resist arranging a Happy Ever After—as long as it doesn’t get in the way of her investigations.

Lyle Murphy

A socially awkward Bow Street Runner, Lyle prefers to be left in solitude to work on his inventions or apply his brilliant mind to working through the clues of a crime. He and Katherine, members of the same underground detective society, are close friends. He tends to become shy around women, Katherine excepted.

Harriet Wood

Katherine’s wry lady’s maid, Harriet prefers to be kept out of this investigation business yet somehow, continues to find herself helping to solve them. She loves to tease Lyle and continually tries to coax Katherine into dressing to draw more attention to herself.


Katherine’s pet, a pug with a penchant for stealing and an angelic face that ensures she gets away with it every time!

Prudence Burwick

An aspiring detective, Pru and Katherine become fast friends after they solve a crime together. She rejects the edicts of ladylike behavior, sides with Harriet regarding Katherine’s wardrobe, and has a surprisingly strong arm.

Captain Dorian Wayland

As Katherine’s father’s greatest detective rival for reasons that her father refuses to confess beyond a vague excuse, Wayland is a man that Katherine should hate. But the more he insinuates himself into her investigations, the more confusing her feelings for him become. If he and her father are rivals, what possible motive could he have for helping her?