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WIP Watch: Day 26

For nine years straight, since I first participated in National Novel Writing Month, I have woken at midnight and written for as long as I could keep my eyes open. This year, for my tenth year, I slept through that midnight calling. And I must say, it was glorious.

November has started and I must say, I’m a little less stressed now that it has. I’ve still, as a Municipal Liaison, hosted three write ins in two days. I’m writing this before I start my day on the 3rd, so I have another event to look forward to later. The one thing this has been fantastic for is my word count.

My two-day total (since I haven’t started yet today) is:
9,018 words on Speak Not of Murder
4,506 words on the second Lady Katherine Regency Mystery book.
(I wasn’t able to finish the latter before November so I’m juggling both for the first half of this month)

I started off in a bit of a slump. As a ghostwriter, I’ve trained myself to edit as I go (which takes about four times as long but results in a cleaner product). Editing is the antithesis of NaNoWriMo, but I found turning off that inner editor to be especially difficult this year. As I wrote, I kept itching to do some minor research (that would have set me back half an hour to find) or double-check that a certain word was used during the early Victorian age or go back and add more scenic details to bring the beginning of the book to life. Frankly, all of those things are small things that can (and should) be handled during the editing stage.

Although battling that urge the first day was gruelling, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will be left with a messier end product than what I ghostwrite. Yesterday’s words flowed from the page as Alice came to life and took charge of the story. She has a very distinct personality, and I am pleased with the way she’s leading the story. Because she doesn’t particularly want to hunt for a murderer (due to it disrupting her daily life that she is happy with), I was afraid that she might be a bit of a doornail, but I’m happy to report that that is not at all the case. In fact, she’s rather lively! I can’t wait for her to be swept away by the mystery and for it to turn her life on end. Yes, I’m something of a sadist when it comes to my characters, but she will be better for it in the end!

I was planning on posting an excerpt but, like I mentioned, I’m not entirely pleased with the beginning of this (very rough) book. Let me find a different, more exciting part and I’ll share something with you next week!

In the meantime, read a good book for me! I’m far to ensnared by Alice’s antics to be able to tear myself away from the laptop for that long…

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