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WIP Watch: Day 53

Today is the last day of National Novel Writing Month. I began this month with the hope that I would be able to finish the second Lady Katherine Regency Mystery book and write 50,000 words on Speak Not of Murder. I accomplished the latter on November 9th.

I then thought to myself that I would aim to finish up to the half-an-outline I had prepared before November, seeing that I still had plenty of fodder to write during the month. I wasn’t even close to what I considered to be the midway point (it’s actually closer to 2/3 of the way into the book) so I gave up the faint hope I’d had of finishing the book during November.

But then I reached the end of my outline. I plotted the rest. There weren’t as many clues left to discover as I had thought! I was excited to finish this book. I wrote “The End” on Lady Katherine and turned my attention to the new book.

Edits on the third Ladies of Passion book arrived at about the same time. I was expecting them, but a small part of me wondered if I might have written more had my attention not been split. Of course, the feedback for this book this round was fantastic and I have much fewer edits to handle than expected. It’s almost ready to release — and good thing, because How to Fall for the Wrong Man, Mary’s book, is slated for release on March 26th!

As for Speak Not of Murder, I had one week to squeeze in the last 10,000-20,000 words to reach The End. And I am happy to report that I will definitely reach that number during the coming write ins today. However, I don’t anticipate reaching “The End” just yet. I imagine I’ll fall about three scenes shy, which is very close!

What does this mean?

Well, I’ll have to start by finishing the book. The edits on the third Ladies of Passion book take precedence, but I should be finishing up this round by next week. Then I’ll be able to turn my attention to finishing the last few scenes in Speak Not of Murder. I am excited to finish it up, as I’ve had a fantastic time writing this book! It is a true book of my heart.

(EDIT: I snuck across the finish line tonight! 119,305 words of too long book that makes it all the way from beginning to end. I won’t lie, I jumped up and shouted, “I did it! I win!” in the middle of a closing cafe…)

The next step is to edit the book. I’ve mentioned more than once that it is too long, so sometime in the next few months, I’ll have to find the time to cut it back. During that time, I’ll also be writing the third Lady Katherine Regency Mystery book and working on my next romance release, featuring a jewel thief and a conman in Regency England, called The Price of Temptation. Writing involves a lot of juggling!

I do, however, promise to keep you apprised of the progress on Speak Not of Murder and when I have more news on its publishing status, I will share it!

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